We employ total quality control , for our aim is more than
customer satisfaction

Our quality control processes work very strictly to ensure that
you will get more than all your money's worth...

It is fundamentally important for a professional logo company to have a thorough quality control process so that you will receive the logo exactly as you want it to be.

We understand that each customer deserves choice, hence we cannot, and will not, settle with just having 1 great logo out of 6 or so, even if that 1 logo turns out to be good enough to win awards.

Our goal is to give you a broad and varying range of high quality designs, according to your standards.

This is why over the last several years we have developed extensive quality control protocols, to ensure that you get only what you deserve: great designs!

Our quality process works with these 4 steps:

1. At least three designers work on each project!

"Two heads are better than one..." This saying holds great truth with logo design, and other designs. With brainstorming, more appealing results are crafted, resulting in better designs.

Well, we go one step further, and allocate 3 designers to the most basic package we offer.

Not all companies have this very crucial quality control step!...

It has been proven that having multiple designers in a single project delivers improved results. Hence, we offer 3 designers even in our basic package and then offer more designers for extended packages.

2. An account manager is assigned to every project!

Before any logo sample or revision is submitted to you, it goes through an account manager for review. The account manager reviews 2 very important factors...

First, does the quality and style of the design meet what has been asked for by the customer?

Second, do the logo samples provide sufficient choice for the customer to move forward with his or her thinking, with regard to what revision or request he or she should make next?

If there is any degree of uncertainty with any of these questions, then the design samples are returned to the designers for another try.

3. Monitoring the quality of our design team!

Our designers are evaluated on each design order they deliver. The account manager scores the design order on a rank of 1 to 10.

At the end of each month, the average score is worked out to judge the quality of each of our designers to ensure that high standards are maintained month by month.

We recruit and maintain employment for only those who can achieve the standards that we set for ourselves.

4. The incentive structure for each designer

At the end of each month, the top 5 designers that achieve the highest average score credited to them for each order are rewarded with an attractive monetary bonus.

LogoDesignGuarantee is also very keen to forward outstanding works from our designers to various international award bodies, to award the designer on the international stage, and also to improve on their skills even more. This has occurred over a dozen times in the history of our company.

Remember, our design process is backed with the strongest guarantee in the design industry (not just logo design).

We hope our guarantee reflects our unique ability in delivering high quality designs, as otherwise we would never be able to offer such a guarantee and remain in business.

Check our packages page, for the best design deals you'll ever experience, or send us a message... Or better yet, call us now!

Super Autumn Sale

Free Copyright Certificate worth $100

Free Lifetime Alteration to Your Logo worth $100

Free Website worth $299

Ends: Midnight EST, Sunday 22 Oct ‘17

Super Autumn Sale

Free Copyright Certificate worth $100

Free Lifetime Alteration to Your Logo worth $100

Free Website worth $299

Ends: Midnight EST, Sunday 22 Oct ‘17