Get your Logos in the blink of an eye!

FASTEST sogo Service

FASTEST Logo Service

You will get your logo samples within 6 HOURS from the time you made your order. It’s the fastest logo turnaround you’ll find anywhere! Fast, easy, completely hassle-free. This applies to ALL packages with logo services.

FASTEST Logo Service


Other companies claim they offer the cheapest and fastest logo service. But they offer 24-hour services and charge $50 to $200. They do not even come close to what we offer.

FASTEST Logo Service

NO hidden/additional charges

You don’t have to worry about hidden charges. We guarantee our affordable prices remain. Only our service speed has changed; for the better!

FASTEST Logo Service


We guarantee that the quality of our work is not compromised. The quality is not compromised because we have ample designers in-house 24/7 to cover peaks in demand. All our designs are 100% original and custom-made.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Does the 6-hour logo service apply to all packages?

  • YES. It applies to all packages that include a logo service.

  • 2 6 hours seems too fast. I’m worried my designs won’t look good.

    This service was carefully planned out, making sure all the little details are in place. Among other preparations, our designers went through extensive training and testing, to ensure that they have the necessary skills to do the designs in time without compromising quality. This is our guarantee.

    We have ample in-house designers allocated in shifts so as designers can start on an order as soon as the order is placed.

    We offer 365-Day, 100% money back guarantee to reassure you on all our services (design quality, time delivery, and customer support).

    3 What if I get a package that includes other services like business cards, etc.
              Will I get them in 6 hours as well?

    3 What if I get a package that includes other services like business cards, etc.
    Will I get them in 6 hours as well?

    NO. LogoDesignGuarantee™ aims to constantly improve our services, for the benefit of our customers. But we also want to guarantee that what we promise, we can fulfill. For now, the 6-hour turnaround only applies to our LOGO services. Our hope is we can extend this to our other services as well, in time.

    4 How will I know if my designs are done?

    We will send you an email immediately after your designs are sent to your Client panel. This way, you will constantly be updated on the progress of your project.

    5 Will this service cost me extra?

    NO. Our 6-hour logo service aims to solely benefit our customers and make you fully satisfied. You don’t have to worry about any surprises on your bill. Our low prices remain the same. NO hidden charges, NO additional fees.

    6 What time should I order to get this service?

    Our 6-hour Logo service is available to you 24/7. NO cut-offs or business hours to worry about. We can accommodate your order anytime of the day, and we can always guarantee your logos will be sent to you in 6 hours.